What Are Insurance Odds?

Think you can live without good auto or homeowners’ insurance? Well, if you consider that all insurance is based on probability and statistical outcomes, then you might be inclined to try going without any insurance and save a bunch of money. People who don’t plan ahead and can’t be bothered with all the various types […]

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How to Avoid Personal Financial Mistakes

Sometimes it’s hard to avoid making mistakes with your money. You might decide to buy a new car and then you lose your job. Or, maybe you just don’t keep tabs on how much money you’re spending and suddenly you find that you have thousands of dollars in credit card expenses you can’t pay off! […]

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How to Get a Free Five Star Hotel Room in Las Vegas

I just got home from a 2 week vacation with my family. We drove 2,800 miles across Oregon, California and Nevada and got to see some of the most diverse geography in the world, from the Redwood forests of the California coast to the hottest and lowest place on earth (Death Valley). One place we […]

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