Residential Insurance Policies

People too often make the mistake of assuming that they have to own a home in order to get insurance coverage, thinking their landlord’s policy will cover them in case of an insurable peril. But, if you rent, own a condo or townhouse, a farm or ranch you need to purchase insurance to cover your […]

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Lowering Your Homeowners Insurance Rates

Everybody hates paying insurance premiums; it’s a fact of life that people feel insurance costs are too high and you aren’t really getting anything in return. Well … until you have a theft, fire or other insured peril occur; then suddenly those premiums you’ve been paying can seem like the best investment you’ve ever made! […]

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Homeowners Insurance Policy Types

With so many insurance companies and types of home insurance coverage available to you as a consumer, knowing the differences is critical in making an informed decision when purchasing a homeowner’s insurance policy. Whether you rent, own a condo or home, your primary residence should be covered against theft, damage and other potential risks. Regardless […]

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Comparing Home Insurance Companies

The American Dream has long been to own a home. And often, a home is the most valuable asset an American family will own, so protecting it in the unhappy event of fire, flood, theft or other unforeseen circumstances is critical. And if, like most people, you have a mortgage secured by the value of […]

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Seven Credit Card Mistakes Consumers Make

Learn about the top 7 traps many consumers fall into with credit cards and how you can avoid the problems and pitfalls that make the credit card companies rich.

Read these great pointers to manage your money and credit cards more wisely!

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Basics of Retirement Planning

Of course planning for your retirement is something you think about. But what steps have you taken to be sure you’ll have an adequate nest egg in your golden years? Read on for some simple tips on planning for your retirement years. The sooner you get started the better! Know Your Retirement Needs Retirement is […]

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What Are Mutual Funds?

Basically, a mutual fund is a collection of stocks and/or bonds. You can think of a mutual fund as a company that brings together a group of people and invests their money in stocks, bonds, and other securities. Each investor owns shares, which represent a portion of the holdings of the fund. Generally, you can […]

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Top Things to Know About Buying Life Insurance

Life insurance is important to providing for your loved ones in that worst case possibility that you die.

However, most people end up paying too much for life insurance or are under insured because they buy a more costly policy than needed.

Read this article to learn how to find the best value on a life insurance policy!

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Top Things to Know About Insurance

While we all want to think of our insurance company being there for us in time of need, it is important to remember that an insurer is not always on your side.

Insurers are out to make a profit, often at the expense of you, the insured.

Read this informative article to learn the things you really should know about buying and managing your insurance policies!

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How to Avoid Personal Bankruptcy

If you encounter financial trouble, you could be at risk of facing personal bankruptcy.

Dealing with creditors is very stressful and you need advice to negotiate the best terms possible.

But remember that you do have legal rights that can help protect you from creditors and bankruptcy is not the only option.

Read on to learn how you can avoid bankruptcy and get back on the right financial path!

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