Allstate Insurance Review

Read our complete review of Allstate insurance, including their online quotes, pricing and customer service and satisfaction ratings, features and types of insurance company available.

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How Solid is Your Insurance Company?

How confident are you that your insurance company is on safe financial ground? Read on to learn what’s happening in the insurance industry and how to be sure you can count on your insurer in times of need.

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2009: A Great Time to Invest In Real Estate?

Contrary to popular belief, the best opportunity you will ever again see in your life may be coming very soon. As the 2008 election year draws to a close, how do you know when the time may be right to invest in a foreclosed or distressed-sale property?

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Want To Know Which Auto Insurance Company Is The Best?

The Internet provides you with a million ways to compare insurance companies. Most will tell you to pick the one with the best financial strength as determined by services like A.M. Best, Standard and Poor’s, and Moody’s. That way, you’ll know your insurance company will be there when you need them. Others tell you to […]

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Home Loan Closing Costs Increasing

Well, in addition to rising interest rates and continued uneasiness in the money markets, it seems that home mortgage closing costs are also going up, according to a new mortgage cost study by BankRate. Now, with all the news about home foreclosures and problems with financial institutions these days, that’s hardly surprising. But the way […]

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How to Save on Home Insurance Rates

If you think homeowners’ insurance is a luxury, better think again! If you owe money on a home loan, your lender probably requires that you carry home insurance and can provide proof of coverage for the full or fair value of your real property, which is typically the purchase price you paid. These days, with […]

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Top Things to Know About Buying Life Insurance

Life insurance is important to providing for your loved ones in that worst case possibility that you die.

However, most people end up paying too much for life insurance or are under insured because they buy a more costly policy than needed.

Read this article to learn how to find the best value on a life insurance policy!

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Getting a Home Loan on Bad Credit

Bad credit happens when a person gets careless with his expenses and debts, and that he has many unpaid bills. Persons with unsatisfactory credit rating end up having difficulty getting approved for insurance or even for loan applications. In short, winding up with poor credit is a very unhealthy financial situation to be in. If […]

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How to Buy Homeowners Insurance

Every homeowner knows that aside from maintaining the condition of the house, another big responsibility that falls on them should be to protect the house and all the persons living in it. You never know when a fire, earthquake, hurricane, or blizzard will come your way. You can never predict when your house will be […]

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