Get Your Free Credit Report Today

Did you know that the government mandates that you can get your credit report once a year ABSOLUTLEY FREE? Most people don’t know this and pay $20, $40 or even more to get their credit report, accepting that a fee is required in order to know about late payments, outstanding debts and other details about […]

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Seven Credit Card Mistakes Consumers Make

Learn about the top 7 traps many consumers fall into with credit cards and how you can avoid the problems and pitfalls that make the credit card companies rich.

Read these great pointers to manage your money and credit cards more wisely!

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How to Avoid Personal Bankruptcy

If you encounter financial trouble, you could be at risk of facing personal bankruptcy.

Dealing with creditors is very stressful and you need advice to negotiate the best terms possible.

But remember that you do have legal rights that can help protect you from creditors and bankruptcy is not the only option.

Read on to learn how you can avoid bankruptcy and get back on the right financial path!

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Credit Card Fraud Protection Guide

At the present time, persons who do business through fraudulent means never seem to stop. A huge percentage of Americans fall victims to scams and frauds, costing them hundreds to thousands of dollars. Has this ever happened to you or someone you know? If not, it may be just a matter of time unless you […]

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Dealing with Credit Card Companies

Do you own more than just one active credit card account? Have you been alternately using each card for all the purchases you make? Were you suddenly surprised at how high the amount due on your monthly credit card statement has become? If you answered yes, or can relate to any of these scenarios, then […]

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Escaping Mortgage Disaster

So you have decided to buy a home using a home mortgage loan. This means that your mortgage company will be loaning you the amount based on the appraised value of the house to be purchased, using that said house as collateral. After this, you will then be given an interest rate, a mortgage loan […]

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Improving Your Credit Score for Home Loans

Are you thinking about getting a home? If you are getting ready for that big home purchase, then you probably need to get started on applying for a home loan now. Just like in any loan application, you have to know that your credit score can greatly affect whether you are to be approved or […]

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Avoid the Mortgage Insurance Pitfall

If you have decided to buy a home, but do not possess the complete funds to cover for 100% of the payments, then a mortgage loan is the best solution for you. Just as an explanation, a mortgage loan allows you to borrow enough money to purchase you home, using that home or property as […]

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Top 10 Tips on Credit Management

Credit management involves being sensible about your financial decisions. Along with managing your finances and resources wisely, you need to maintain a good credit score. If you need a little help, then here are ten tips on credit management that you can use.

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Understanding Your Credit Score

Perhaps you have been searching for car deals online, and you come across a short questionnaire that determines if you can be pre-approved for an affordable car deal. Did you know that these car dealers, along with many other companies, are able to determine your eligibility to receive such privileges, because of your credit score?

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