Is it Time to Switch Insurance Companies?

We get asked this question a lot and the answer is not always clear, but with the recent failures of AIG and other financial services companies, now is a good time to ask yourself whether or not to consider switching insurance providers. Its worth at least considering this question anytime your auto, home, life or […]

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How Solid is Your Insurance Company?

How confident are you that your insurance company is on safe financial ground? Read on to learn what’s happening in the insurance industry and how to be sure you can count on your insurer in times of need.

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As a contrarian investor I look at today (9/15/2008) as a potential harbinger that the markets are nearing a bottom. This makes me believe that 2009 promises the turning of a new leaf!

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What Are Insurance Odds?

Think you can live without good auto or homeowners’ insurance? Well, if you consider that all insurance is based on probability and statistical outcomes, then you might be inclined to try going without any insurance and save a bunch of money. People who don’t plan ahead and can’t be bothered with all the various types […]

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Top Things to Know About Insurance

While we all want to think of our insurance company being there for us in time of need, it is important to remember that an insurer is not always on your side.

Insurers are out to make a profit, often at the expense of you, the insured.

Read this informative article to learn the things you really should know about buying and managing your insurance policies!

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Buying Insurance; Where to Start

So you’ve decided to purchase insurance for you car, apartment, medical needs or even to cover your own life.

That is the first step to managing risk wisely in your personal finances!

But where do you begin when shopping for an insurance policy?

With so many options and insurers to choose from, purchasing an insurance policy can be a daunting challenge.

Read on to learn a few tips and ideas on how to get the most value when buying insurance coverage.

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Finding an Affordable Individual Health Insurance Plan

Nowadays, living without insurance can be very risky, especially if you have not even considered about applying for health insurance. Did you know how likely you are to encounter an accident, get injured, or get sick? Shouldn’t you be thinking twice about whether or not to get insurance? Insurance is a vital element to consider, […]

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How Important Is Price in Buying Insurance?

These days, it can be very difficult to recover from a financial problem when you don’t have insurance to back you up. For example, if you get into an accident while driving your car, and you are uninsured, you probably will spend hundreds to thousands of dollars just taking care of the repairs. This is […]

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Is It Important to Have an Insurance Agent?

People always say that prevention is better than cure. We prevent untimely demises from happening by being more cautious about our driving, our work, the food we eat, and other activities that we do. But did you know that another excellent preventive measure, aside from those mentioned already, is getting you and your family an […]

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Renters Insurance Tips

So you moved into a new city, and have decided to rent an apartment in the mean time. Did you know that even if you are not a homeowner, renter insurance can be obtained by you in these situations? What exactly is renters insurance? How can it help you and your family? Approximately how much […]

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