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Allstate Insurance Review

Allstate Insurance Review


As an old line insurance [1] company originally founded by Sears & Roebuck, we expected Allstate’s web site and online quotes to be old school but we were quite pleasantly surprised.

Allstate offers an up-to-date, well-designed web quotes system that we were quite impressed with.

Not only is the Allstate site easy to use, it gives you the option of being contacted by a local agent if you feel you need personal assistance at any point in the online quotes and purchasing process.


Great web site, a proven insurance company with a long history and reputation, local agent assistance available if you need it.


You only get Allstate quotes, but we found their auto insurance prices to be extremely competitive. In fact, the auto quotes were the lowest we found among the dozen insurance quotes web sites we reviewed! We could really find any cons to present; if you have encountered any issues or have other details please add your comments and let us know.

Bottom Line:

Allstate Insurance is a formidable force in the market, offering great prices while grasping the importance of providing a well executed web site for customers to quickly get quotes and sign up for auto, motorcycle, boat, home, renter’s or life insurance.

What We Liked

On the Allstate home page, you just enter your ZIP code and select the type of coverage you need. You can also save and recall a quote, which makes it easy to compare different options and types of insurance you might like to purchase from Allstate.

The best feature of Allstate’s web form is the option of getting either a ‘quick quote’ or a ‘full quote’. This allows you to get a ballpark estimate without providing all your personal data. Once you narrow your choices, if Allstate still looks like a viable option for you, then you can enter additional details and get a complete quote. Very nifty and Web 2.0 for an old line company!

What Kinds of Insurance They Offer

Since Allstate Insurance is a full line company, they offer everything most consumers needs, from auto, boat and motorcycle insurance, to homeowners’, renters’ and condo insurance, as well as life insurance coverage.

In addition, Allstate offers extras including:

Allstate Insurance Customer Support

With its large agent network, Allstate gives you the option of working with a local agent if you prefer. You can contact Allstate via snail mail, email or their 800 toll free phone support.

Website Security is industry standard, with sensitive personal data sent using SSL Certificates.

Information and Helpful Tips & Information

Allstate Insurance also offers a wealth of insurance-related information, tips and insurance checklists.