Want To Know Which Auto Insurance Company Is The Best?

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The Internet provides you with a million ways to compare insurance companies.

Most will tell you to pick the one with the best financial strength as determined by services like A.M. Best, Standard and Poor’s, and Moody’s. That way, you’ll know your insurance company will be there when you need them.

Others tell you to go by what customers say. Of course, when it comes to such an un-intriguing subject as auto insurance, good luck getting people to say what they really think … unless they are disgruntled because their auto insurer cancelled their policy because of too many speeding tickets and fender benders!

Why do some people drive on the freeway as if they were behind the wheel of a bumper car?

All Auto Insurers Suck

So what is the answer to the important question “Which Auto Insurance Company is the Best”? Well, the real answer is that they all suck; they will try to talk you into more coverage than you need, cancel you in a heartbeat if you wreck your car and when an uninsured motorist hits you, just try to get the true replacement value for your vehicle through the auto insurance claims process!

Rich people all know this fact; that’s why many of them choose to be “self-insured”, which simply means that if they get into an accident they’ll pay the damages on their own … that is IF their highly-paid lawyer isn’t able to get them off the hook by suing all parties involved!

But for the rest of us, we really have no choice but to insure our automobiles. Really; it’s the law! And that means choosing the least-worst insurance company, since they all suck!

Now, it’s no secret that young people (especially males) are the most active people to complain about car insurance rates on the Internet. That’s because all insurance companies charge premiums based on how likely they think you are to make a claim. Duh!

Lesson #1: Pick an Auto Insurance Company and Stick with Them

It seems that in many cases, people who tell stories of long, complicated issues about being cancelled or not being able to get a Proof of Insurance certificate have a history of switching insurers frequently.

This makes them a poor customer in the eyes of insurance companies whose primary objective is to insure customers profitably; if they see that you change insurance companies every year, you aren’t going to be considered a good customer. Duh!

Now, this doesn’t mean you should simply stay with the same insurance company year after year without checking around. But it does mean that you should have very good reasons to switch:

You find that you’re paying 20% more with your current auto insurer than a competitor with similar financial strength and customer satisfaction ratings.

You are involved in an auto accident and find your insurance company’s claims process, frustrating, unsatisfactory and extremely slow.

You buy other types of insurance from another insurance company (home, life, medical, etc.) and they offer you a special discount for having auto insurance with them also.

Lesson #2: You Probably Will Be Involved in a Car Accident

Oops. Guess they were in a hurry to get tacos! Would you insure the diver of this car?

OK, so this one is a total no-brainer. And yet, so many people drive like they are in a NASCAR race on the freeways and take extraordinary chances with their vehicles EVERY DAY, not to mention with their own lives and the lives of other motorists!

And here’s why; chances are most of us will be involved in at least one auto accident during our lives. That means you probably fall into one of only two types of drivers: those who have already had an accident and those who will be having one eventually.

Now, if you have been in a less serious “fender bender” you probably found yourself driving more cautiously for a few weeks or months afterward. Soon the memory of that little accident fades and you are back to driving aggressively. If you fall into this category you are likely to be heading for a more serious accident in the future.

People with two or more minor accidents within a several year period will most likely pay higher auto insurance premiums since statistics show they are more likely to have a serious accident down the road then those without any recent accidents at all!

For those who have never been involved in an auto accident while at the wheel, you probably fall into one of two other categories; either you are a good, defensive driver and have avoided accidents through a combination of good luck and safe driving practices OR you are like the above-mentioned drivers who are far too aggressive because you haven’t yet lived through (or not!) the serious ill effects of a major auto accident.

Lesson #3: The Best Way to Love Your Auto Insurance Company is to NOT HAVE ACCIDENTS

Chance are you will be involved in a car accident at some point. The real question is what are you doing to help improve your odds of not being a victim?

Perhaps the most puzzling group of drivers are those who have been involved in a serious accident (car totaled and injuries and hospitalization suffered) and yet still drive on the freeway as though behind the wheel of a bumper car!

While most people who have survived a major car accident will drive more cautiously after their near-death experience, it’s amazing that many will return to driving aggressively within months of surviving.

It just shows that people either do or do not learn from mistakes and life experiences; those who don’t are usually doomed to repeat the same mistakes over and over … unless they make the ultimate mistake and end up with a roadside shrine in their name at some point!

If you fall into the “NASCAR Driver” category you are the worst nightmare of other drivers around you as well as auto insurance underwriters everywhere! Change your habits now before its too late and you’ll not only enjoy lower auto insurance premiums and live to see your grandchildren grow up!

So, the answer to the question is that all car insurance companies are out to get your premium dollars and only want you as a customer if they think you are less likely than the average motorist to file a claim.

But the answer to the real question is that you’ll pay an even heftier price by driving aggressively and increasing the chances of a major auto accident at some point in your future. And that will suck far more than paying your car insurance premiums at any price! Don’t have an accident and chances are you’ll be happy with whichever car insurance company you choose. Duh!

If you want a good laugh, watch this hilarious video about a young male driver trying to get a better deal on car insurance:

August 23rd, 2008 by Local Fresh


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