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How to Make Money Online

We all know about entrepreneurs like David Filo and Jerry Yang, who founded Yahoo, or Larry Page and Sergey Brin, who founded Google only 10 years ago. Doing what they loved led them to fortunes beyond most people’s wildest imagination!

But, you say, those guys are all Stanford Engineers with brains bigger than planets and I’m just an ordinary Joe. But guess what? These days you don’t have to know a lot about high tech and computers to earn a comfortable living on the Internet.

Let me give you a few examples of people you may or may not heard about who are doing very well by simply publishing their own blogs online:

Jeremy Schoemaker

Runs his own blog Shoemoney.com [1] about making money on the Internet. This guy tells ordinary Joes like you and me how to make money online.

Jeremy doesn’t program or even write his own HTML; he hires other people to do that. What he does know is how to build a very large audience by giving only small tidbits of information on how to become a successful professional blogger.

John Chow

Perhaps the ultimate blogger’s hero, John Chow runs his site Johnchow.com [2] from his home in the Vancouver, BC area. He touts the benefits of “living the dot com life” nearly a decade after the dot com industry supposedly crashed and burned!

But this guy is making more than $30,000 a month from his blog and seems to spend more time these days taking his daughter to the park [3], riding a Segway with friends or going to local hangouts than actually writing on his blog. He chronicles every one of these activities with a video camera and people are lined up all day long to watch this stuff on his website! John is truly a likable guy and has built himself a great career as an Internet Personality essentially!

The funniest part is that if you Google “John Chow” another guy’s site comes up at the top of the results; he did a knock off called JohnCow.com [4], which is a whole other story about how you can make money online without even having your own creative ideas, much less a lot of computer savvy!

J.D. Roth

Now this guy is truly my personal hero. Finding himself deep in credit card debt, he decided to chronicle his efforts to change his spending and credit card habits by reading books and learning everything he could about personal finance. His blog site getrichslowly.org [5] may be making more money than either Shoe or Chow, judging by the fact he has over 60,000 subscribers and is in an online niche that is more highly valued by advertisers (Personal Finance) than the Webmaster Niche.

So you see, from the comfort of your own home, it is entirely possible to make a living on the Internet. I won’t tell you it’s easy though! It takes a lot of effort and self discipline for sure. You have to learn and master topics that you can share information with others about. You have to master the art of self promotion and Internet marketing, search engine optimization and you have to be a little lucky along the way too.

But if you are passionate and have some creative ideas that you want to share with others, make that your motivation for starting your own blog or website and perhaps you too will find financial success along the way!