Why Making Money Online Websites Suck

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I make my living on the Internet. Call me a blogger, call me insane, call me stupid. Its not easy so don’t buy any of those eBooks with titles like “Blog and Get Rich” or “How I Make Millions Working 4 Hours a Week” …. It doesn’t work like that!

Making money online takes a lot of hard work, just like any business. But it also takes specific skills and knowledge, which is why some of the most successful bloggers and Internet marketers make their money by telling others how to make money!

I have to say though, that most of the MMO website just suck; they don’t give you the real scoop because people who are lots of making money online just aren’t going to give away their secret sauce. C’mon let’s be honest! Here is my take on some of the biggest MMO sites:


John Chow may be the most recognizable character in the MMO space. He’s a clown and people love to watch John’s video posts, whether he’s busy taking his daughter for a walk in the park, riding Segways with his buddies or taking a dip in the hot springs while vacationing with his family. On Twitter he’ll tell you how great the Dotcom lifestyle is … and he can because he’s known by anyone trying to make money online.

On John Chow’s site, you’ll find a lot of interviews with John, reviews people pay $500 for JohnChowDotCom to write about their own website or product (all written by John’s hired blogger, Michael Kwan), contests where some lucky reader wins a MacBook and some very humorous insights and observations John makes.

What you won’t find are real tips and ideas on how to actually make money online, but John Chow is still an entertaining blog to follow.


Jeremy Schoemaker may be the smartest dude in the MMO business. He has taken personal branding to new limits with the Shoemoney logo and pictures of pretty girls wearing his T-Shirts at all the search engine and blogging conferences. Jeremy knows how to make money online to be sure. His blog used to tell you how he made millions on everything from ringtones to eBay auction ads. If you browse through the Shoemoney archives you’ll find lots of great tips.

But lately it seems Jeremy has followed somewhat in John Chow’s steps, posting video interviews from conferences that pay his expenses and appearance fees, writing about why you should or shouldn’t go to college, why you should screw Google and talking about how his fame and popularity have led to bizarre events such as a guy tattooing his arm with the Shoemoney logo and death threats to Jeremy’s family. Sad how fame can make things so difficult, but you won’t find a lot of specifics on how to make money online here anymore unfortunately.

I still read Shoemoney regularly and I think the world of Jeremy but the fact remains he just doesn’t tell you much about how to improve your ‘Skills to pay the bills’ anymore. While his advice to blog about something you’re passionate about makes sense, he doesn’t really tell you how to achieve success other than by creating content that ‘gives you an edge’ over the competition. Good advice but perhaps not specific enough to really teach you the ropes.


Darren Rowse started blogging as a hobby way back in 2002. He consistently gives readers great info and specific ideas about how to make money online. If you are going to read one famous MMO blog regularly, ProBlogger may be your best choice. Darren isn’t afraid to tell you as much as he can about how you can make money online. If I only read one MMO blog this would be the one!

One of my favorite ProBlogger posts talked about how some bloggers won’t make much money using Google Adsense, while others do quite well with the contextual ads that made Google a fortune. His contention is that blogs that are about viable commercial products and services will probably do better with Adsense, while blogs with more ‘personal’ content may not profit that much since they don’t contain high-paying, highly competitive keywords that pay out.


Aaron Wall leads the pack in the search engine optimization game; his SEOBook eBook is a perennial bestseller and buyers get access to his regular updates, which is important given the lighting speed at which things change in the Internet marketing world.

Aaron’s blog also gives readers some good, specific tips even though its primary goal is to sell more copies of the eBook. Definitely worth checking out SEOBook.com and buying the book if you are serious about making money online using SEO, as opposed to Affiliate Marketing and other strategies.

All the Other MMO Websites and Blogs

Here’s a list of the 100 most popular MMO sites as measured by traffic counts (take these with a grain of salt as Alexa, Compete.com and other tools that attempt to measure website and blog traffic are easily manipulated and mostly inaccurate.

If you do want to make money online, be prepared to work your butt off and learn the way the rest of us have; experimentation, making huge mistakes and persistently learning in the school of hard knocks. What works today probably won’t work in a few months and 99% of people will give up before they ever come close to succeeding at making a living at blogging full time. In future posts we’ll share some of our own lessons on what works, what doesn’t work and what we’re experimenting with online.

October 15th, 2008 by Local Fresh


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