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Homeowners Insurance Claims Prevention Tips

Your claims history is one of the few factors affecting your homeowner’s insurance [1] premiums that you can actively manage.

Aside from pride of ownership and a natural desire to make your house a home you enjoy and appreciate spending time together with friends and family, keeping your home in good condition and taking a few simple precautions to prevent accidents, theft or damage from the elements will also save you money on your home insurance rates.

While some of these are common sense measures any homeowner knows are important, a reminder may be in order from time to time of the specific things you can do to help prevent the hassle and expense of having to file a claim against your homeowner’s insurance policy.

Read on to learn more about preventing home insurance claims to avoid paying deductibles and unnecessarily higher premiums to insure your home!

Winterizing Your Home Ahead of Freezing Weather

Dealing with Moisture, Dampness and Mold Problems

Home Fire Prevention

Home Theft Prevention

Eliminate Attractive Nuisances and Safety Hazards