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Homeowners Insurance Exclusions and Endorsements

Your standard home insurance [1] policy covers some things, but not others. Exclusions define what is specifically not covered and endorsements are extra coverage that supplement your policy.

Some things people commonly and mistakenly believe are covered by their homeowner’s policy include damage caused by flooding, earthquakes or war. Not all risks and perils are insurable, while others can be covered by endorsements or by purchasing special insurance coverage such as earthquake or hurricane insurance.

Read on to learn about exclusions typically found in standard homeowner’s insurance policies and endorsements you may want to consider when purchasing insurance coverage on your home and property.

Exclusions – What is Not Covered

Exclusions are specific hazards, perils or events your insurance company does not cover.

Thus, it is critical to know exactly what your homeowner’s insurance policy will or will not cover so you will be prepared when the time comes to file a claim.

You don’t want to wonder whether that tree limb crashing through your roof, causing thousands of dollars in damage is covered or not at the time it happens!

Common exclusions in standard homeowner’s insurance policy include:

Endorsements – Extra Coverage You Might Consider Purchasing

If you want coverage in addition to what your homeowner’s insurance policy provides, consider adding endorsements, which specify additional amounts, perils and risks you may be able to cover.

Endorsements you can add typically include the following: